5 key points of your book - Ordentop

Much depends on whether the book is correctly written: whether the basic idea and idea of ​​the book will be conveyed to the reader, whether the uniqueness of the writer’s syllable is preserved, in the end, whether the book will become popular.

That is why we suggest focusing on improving the 5 key aspects:

▪️ Depth of thought

The quality mark is when the reader has one or several questions after reading the book. The best novels expand the concept of life.

▪️ Weirdness

The novels of Patrick Suskind, Bret Easton Ellis, Bengt Ohlsson come to mind.

▪️ Originality

Good literature often crosses borders. Many of the best novels created new knowledge, opened the doors to a room that we had no idea about. A successful modern novel does not confirm the reality but breaks with it. The point is to write against or outside the spirit of the times.

▪️ Aftertaste

Like a good wine, a good book retains its aftertaste long after it has been read.

▪️ Good writing

The quality of a syllable is determined by the ratio of the author’s speech to the general norms of the literary language and to the norms of speech.

By following these 5 tips you will definitely get a bestseller! And the safety of these qualities during translation into other languages is 100% ensured by our team hello@ordentop.com