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Translation is just translating the original content directly into another language. Localization goes one step further and focuses on the cultural translation of content.

Localization is a cultural translation of content that takes into account linguistic subtleties, cultural expectations, and differences in the target market to convey the meaning of the original message in a more culturally compelling way

✅When translation is needed
A literal translation can be an effective way to convey functional or directive content. It must be error-free and convey information clearly and concisely.

✅When localization is needed
When you want to establish a deeper connection with your target market or demographic, the benefits of localization can be tremendous. It is especially relevant for adapting a product or service so that no one will suspect that it is not created in that location.

The media, which benefits more from localization than literal translation:
🔺Localizing websites and blogs increases engagement and provides the connection needed to build trust and followers.
🔺Product information — for example, when translating from American English to British English, there may be different spellings of the same words.
🔺Gaming or mobile apps — localization, in this case, focuses on taking software and hardware and preparing it for other parts of the world.
🔺Brand/Marketing Communications — localization has a significant impact on advertising campaigns because slogans, taglines and brand messages must be communicated in a context-specific way.
🔺Legal or healthcare sector — such industries have a high degree of specialization or specific terminology that may vary by location (e.g., medical journal articles and legal documents).
🔺Social media — failure to localize target languages will negatively impact your business.

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What is the difference between translation and localization
What is the difference between translation and localization