What Does Translation Agency Do And What Doesn't - Ordentop

Potential customers often have a slightly incomplete idea of what a translation agency does and doesn’t do. The biggest surprise for clients is usually how technical the translation services are today.

Therefore, we briefly describe how a translation company works, what it does and doesn’t do.

1. We offer translation services in different languages

Naturally, a translation agency can provide you with translations into different languages. Ordentop Book Translation Agency does translations into more than 150+ languages
When you have multiple language versions of your documentation, software or website, ordering translation in one place makes total sense.

2. An efficient translation service process

Ordering translations is not just about individual translations. Translation agencies sell a service that covers the entire process, from workflow to project management and cutting-edge technology. We use tools that work with a variety of file formats, streamline the order process, and speed up the translation workflow.

3. Collaboration between people and technology speeds up the translation process

When a translation is ordered from a translation agency and the translation work itself is accelerated when the translation is done by a professional translator with the help of language technology.

4. A translator learns your style and terminology

A translation agency uses translation memory and terminology tools, reference materials and style guides in their work. The more effort you put into the terminology and reference materials you use, the smoother your translation agency order will be.

5. Easy availability, reliable delivery

One of the advantages of translation agencies is that they are easy to contact. We aren’t dependent on a single translator, and we don’t leave things to change even in complicated situations. For many, reliability and delivery accuracies are the most important factors when ordering urgent translations.

If you feel your translation service provider just creates additional stress for you and the service doesn’t meet your expectations, it’s time to change the agency.

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