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The excitement around the name Joan Rowling has been almost constant ever since the first book about the little wizard Harry Potter was published. Here are the most interesting facts about the author of cult books about the magic world.

1️⃣During her school years, she was not happy with her last name. Teenagers often teased Joan, inventing offensive nicknames derived from the rolling.

2️⃣Joan wrote her first story at the age of six and called it “Rabbit”. His hero, a fluffy rabbit, got sick, and good friends came to him. Then, the only readers of little Joan were his mother and her younger sister.

3️⃣Joan Rowling failed to enter Oxford and chose to study French at the University of Exeter. However, in 2008, Rowling was awarded an honorary degree at Harvard University, which is prestigious.

4️⃣She typed the novel “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” on an old typewriter in 1996. But it was read all over the world thanks to the girl Alice, daughter of the head of the publishing concern “Bloomsbury”. She was the first reader of the story about the adventures of Harry Potter and his friends. Mr. Newton listened to Alice’s delight and ordered to release the novel in a modest edition of 1,000 copies.

5️⃣Potteriana’s first novel was rejected in 12 different publishing houses before Bloomsbury publishing concern.

6️⃣The idea of playing Quidditch appeared in the head of Rowling after a quarrel with her close friend in a small hotel in Manchester. The writer’s favorite team sport is basketball, something remotely reminiscent of Quidditch.

7️⃣Joan Rowling’s parents saw each other for the first time at London’s “King Cross” station. Paying tribute to this event, the young heroes began their trip to Hogwarts from here, only from a non-existent platform 9 and ¾.

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Unusual facts about J.K.Rowling
Unusual facts about J.K.Rowling