Translating subtitles - Ordentop

There are certain rules and subtleties in translating subtitles.

First of all, it is important to fit the text into certain time frames and the allotted space. To do this, use simple, readable syntax constructs. It is desirable that each subtitle be a separate sentence or a more or less complete thought.

In accordance with the specifics of human perception, subtitles should be compact enough (no more than two lines) and concise (up to 30-35 typed characters per line), the duration of their placement on the screen can take from 1 to 7 seconds, and the pause between subtitles should be at least 4 frames. All this is necessary for a person to manage to read the text, comprehend what he read and switch his attention from one subtitle to another.

Our project ❗️

Translation of subtitles for series for one of the largest media companies.

Subtitles from English to Spanish and Russian for more than 800 hours of video in 2019.