Publishing houses are organizations with a proven reputation in the book market. Traditional publishing can help you to become a successful author.

Usually, they have good connections with agents, editors, designers, and bookstores, and their authority is noted on published books.

So, what are the pros and cons of traditional publishing?

🟢 The advantages of traditional publishing are:

1️⃣Reputation and status

Being chosen by a publishing house makes your writing look more legitimate since anyone can self publish with no experience.

2️⃣The publisher takes care of everything and there is no upfront financial costs.

The agent and publisher provide editors, cover designers, illustrators, and perhaps marketing assistance under the agreement. This is very convenient for those authors who only want to write and do not want to deal with organizational issues.

3️⃣Your book will get a place in physical bookstores.

As traditional publishers have a good distribution network and offer book returns, physical bookstores will be more willing to store your books. This will increase the chances that people will find it and purchase it.

🔴 The disadvantages of traditional publishing are:

1️⃣Slow publishing process

Writing and editing will be the same, no matter how you want to publish it. But then it may take you a year or two to get an agent. Then it may take a year to two years to complete a publication agreement and publish it. So this is a very, very slow process if we compare to how quickly you can publish a book on the Internet, for example on Amazon.

2️⃣Low royalty

The publisher takes risks and invests in the publication of your book. On the other hand, your share of sales is not so brilliant. The general rule is about 5-10% net sales for the author.

3️⃣Lack of significant marketing help.

Despite the fact that publishers have connections and experts, they will do much less than you think. You will need to learn how to communicate on social networks and show your book to potential readers, whether you publish traditionally or independently.

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Traditional publishing: Pros and Cons
Traditional publishing: Pros and Cons