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Tiktok Localization as an Example of How It's Done Right at a Global Scale

TikTok is taking the world by storm. It’s now within the league of the social media giants as a truly global platform.

TikTok’s content didn’t need any of that and perhaps the only translation the app needed was its user interface. But to make the app a success, its founders and developers needed a strong localization strategy and making it resonate well for each of its target audience. Simply put, TikTok went global by going local.

1. Collaborating With Local Influencers To Jumpstart their Reach

TikTok’s founders and developers knew what they were getting into and knew how hard it was for a uniquely Chinese app to be successful globally. They first decided to collaborate with famous Musical.ly influencers and asked them to use the TikTok brand. Tapping into influencers gave app direct access to the influencer’s local viewership.

2. Understanding Each Country’s Unique Norms and Trends

One of TikTok’s greatest achievements is succeeding in the Japanese market. Japan is a tough market to crack for outside companies but TikTok managed to do it. Their first tiny office in Shibuya, Japan gave them the opportunity to understand Japan in greater detail and tap into the right people. They understood Japan’s unique campus and found that Japanese students was the audience they needed to appeal to.

They also took note of the Japanese’s interest in all things kawaii (cute). Familiar with Hello Kitty and Gudetama? TikTok’s vast selection of visual-enhancing filters means that Japanese TikTokers can create their ideal cute image by the touch of a button.

3. Promoting Localized TikTok Contests and Challenges

Ever noticed how some TikTok videos are uniquely Chinese, Japanese, to the point that only they could have thought of something like those? This is intentional as users frequently promote fresh and unique local TikTok contests and challenges through hashtags. Local TikTok communities are constantly on the lookout for the latest hashtags and trendy challenges.

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