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We often talk about how spiritual growth occurs in our lives, but rarely consider this process in details. When a person does not develop further than a particular stage in spiritual life, he stops at a certain stage of spiritual development. Such a slowdown can cause spiritual degradation.

In modern world, translation activity is becoming more and more popular and important. The processes of globalization open up opportunities for the exchange of cultural heritage. In this regard, there is a need to translate a variety of genres, including spiritual literature. Translation of the religious texts is significantly different from the translation of a fiction text.

The translator must have a deep understanding of the meaning of the text, know the necessary facts from the history and religious terms. As well, the translator should be able to comprehend the author’s worldview and spiritual experience. Our latest project was the translation of the spiritual book.

Our latest project:
📝over 22,000 words were translated
🈂️from English to Spanish and Portuguese
📅1 month

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Spiritual book translation
Spiritual book translation