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Social media has the potential to be the digital marketing tool that gives you the greatest return on your investment.

You should have a clear strategy to develop and plan what your goals are and what message you are trying to communicate. The connection between your campaign and your product should always be absolutely clear on whatever platform you choose, wherever you are promoting your products.

You need to define your target audience. The countries in which you promote your products greatly influence the social media platform you use in each of them. In addition, there is strong evidence that different age groups favor different social media platforms ☝️

The conversation is not the speech. It’s important to think carefully about where your social media presence will be, because customers expect quick responses, so you need to make sure you have the resources to maintain whatever accounts you create.

It’s important to remember that while you may have one global message, it will likely have to be tweaked a bit depending on the location to get it to a local audience, and here, of course, a language service provider can be invaluable ☺️

Social Media - Get the Campaign Right

Social Media – Get the Campaign Right