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Companies around the world use business translation services as a core part of their everyday operations.

Translating marketing materials is a much more slippery and dangerous topic than working with common or technical texts.
The main mistake made by an inexperienced translator is that it is not enough to know a foreign language in order to translate marketing materials competently. It is necessary to accurately capture the target audience that the advertising message is addressed to and adapt the text for their confident perception.

The most common mistakes in marketing translation have been and still are:

1️⃣Literal translation of text. The chance of losing the highlight of an advertising slogan or the hidden message from its authors is extremely high.

2️⃣Translating idioms or established expressions without adaptation. When translating word-for-word, you not only lose the essence of the marketing material but also can turn it into a diametrically opposed opinion which will negatively affect the perception of the original advertising message.

3️⃣Translation without taking into account the cultural specifics of the people to whom the message is addressed. Some harmless jokes or outright satire from American specialists may be unacceptable in strict and conservative Eastern countries.

Competent translation of marketing material should not only be an effective communication tool between the content developer and the consumer, but also fulfill its main function – to promote the product or services of its creator. It is top-notch for the translator to preserve and adapt the meaning contained in the message and deliver it to the audience as much as possible.

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Marketing Book Translation
Marketing Book Translation