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It’s always hard to understand how to estimate the cost of translation. All of us have ever needed the services of a translation agency. Translation is a professional service, and naturally, it will cost you a pretty penny. We often receive requests about how to estimate the cost of translation, so that is what we will focus on today.

🔴Counting words

Well, one option is to count the number of words in the original document. For example, if you open a file in Microsoft Word, you can use a simple word count function. Of course, electronic documents are much easier to analyze. When it comes to printed documents or scanned images, however, counting the number of words and characters can be long and complicated.

🔴Cost by word

The second way to calculate the translation cost is to multiply the number of words by the price per word set by the translation agency.
For example, we can take a document that consists of 10,000 words. If the agency’s price per word is $0.05, then the translation of the whole document will cost about $500.

🔴Cost by standard page count

This method estimates translation costs by multiplying the number of standard pages by the price charged by the translation agency per page.
A standard page usually contains about 1,800 characters, including spaces between words. Or it can be nearly 1000 characters without spaces. The term “standard page” implies that the page is not the same as the actual page. It is more accurate to estimate translation costs using the standard page concept, not the actual number of pages. This is because the amount of text to be translated remains the same regardless of the style/size of the font used or the images and blanks included.

However, there are other cost factors.
🔵Deadlines: Some translators charge higher when the requested deadline is shorter than their standard delivery period;
🔵Language pairs: complex or unusual language combinations usually have higher prices. For example, translating from German to Japanese;

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How to estimate the cost of translation
How to estimate the cost of translation