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The film industry can be an extremely profitable and beneficial sector for investors and creators alike. With the rise of widely available entertainment platforms such as Netflix or YouTube, viewers today can watch almost any movie they want.

With profits often reaching into the hundreds of millions of dollars, filmmakers are now paying very close attention to where the profits are actually coming from. Interestingly, as technology advances and general globalization progresses, even some of Hollywood’s most successful films are getting most of their revenue from international markets and audiences.

Nevertheless, as foreign audiences have become increasingly important to the sector, filmmakers face the challenging task of translating their films into a language that foreign audiences can easily understand.

As a result, language translation service providers have become important partners for some of the world’s largest brands and businesses not only in the corporate sector but also in the entertainment industry.

The importance of accurate translation can be perfectly visualized with one simple statistic – only 1 in 7 people in the world today speaks English.

This means that if you don’t translate your content, no matter whether it’s business documents, movies or other entertainment content, you automatically lose about 85% of your potential global market.

Translations and other language services, such as subtitling and dubbing, are an integral part of most businesses and entertainment today.

With globalization, consumers in individual markets better understand their power in a global system, so targeting them in their own language is something they simply expect.

If you need to convert content from your company, translating your documents into the language of your audience will not only have a positive impact on your sales and revenue but will also allow you to create a strong, credible and customer-focused brand image for years to come – something that can be an extremely profitable competitive advantage in a foreign market.

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How important are translator in film industry
How important are translators in the film industry