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A fairy tale is a wonderful work of art, well-known to each of us since childhood. There are different interpretations of fairy tales.

Some scientists say that the fairy tale is absolute fiction, unaffected by reality, while others try to understand how the folk narrators’ attitude to the surrounding reality was reincarnated in the fairy tale fiction.

Russian folk tales contain many specific words, expressions, and realities that are translated into English in specific ways.

The translator must find the best linguistic means: choose synonyms, appropriate artistic images, and so on.

The translation of folktales is a complex, multifaceted process that begins with writing down the words of the narrator. When translating fairy tales, the translator also has to deal with the very important issue of choosing a particular style in the target language.

Fortunately, however, this is a natural process, and the translator makes the decision almost subconsciously as he or she perceives the original.

At the same time, numerous dialectisms of the original are often replaced by the archaic vocabulary of the target language, which helps to improve the quality of the translation considerably in terms of its lexical composition.

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Fairy tales translation
Fairy tales translation