E-Books vs Printed Books - Ordentop


In the past few years, e-books have become a major backbone of the publishing industry. However, printed books have not disappeared as it was previously predicted.

Sometimes it is hard to choose between e-books and printed books.
Although e-books are quite handy, they have many disadvantages, such as needing the power to charge your electronic device. In addition, the e-book tends to be broken.

Printed books also have their disadvantages. For example, the pages of a book can easily get ruined or torn. Among other things, such books can accumulate dust if the book isn’t used for a long time.

We believe that it is up to the individual to decide whether to read a book from a print edition or from an electronic device. Our team members have tried and tested both methods of reading and opinions differ.

Most state that they prefer classic printed books. It’s all about the fact that they like physically touching a new book and smelling it. They associate it with having a good time reading a book. At the same time, when reading an e-book, the mood is completely different. An e-book can be convenient to use and carry around.

Nevertheless, the experience of having a physical copy of a book is amazing in itself, and we are fully confident that the printed book will still exist in the future.

What do you think about that?