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Marketing is the process of persuading customers to choose your product or service, to prefer your company over the competitors.

Marketing copywriters understand the motivations of the target audience, and their texts appeal to the reader on an emotional level.

If marketing translation is done without understanding the target market, it can lead to negative brand and product impressions.

Translating marketing materials involves creating a text in the target language that is close to your readers. This text must be of high quality, not just word-for-word. And the best way to create high-quality texts is to be guided by a copywriter.

What are the components of a good text?

1️⃣ Understanding the reader

The copywriter must know the reader and write specifically for him, because it affects the tone of voice and content of the text. All the details are important. A text about insurance for retirees and a text for hipsters in their 20s are completely different texts. Similarly, a translator must keep the reader in mind to create an appropriate text.

2️⃣Clarity and accuracy of the content

People have a lot to do. They don’t have time to read through endless amounts of information-they need a summary of data that they can quickly review. So it should be short sentences, simple words. If the text is written in a professional language or complex grammatical constructions, the reader can put it off. The text, on the other hand, should be “smooth”. To make the text easier to read, you can begin a sentence with “and,” “however,” or “therefore.”

3️⃣ Attracting attention from the beginning

Advertising text without an interesting title will not be read. However, a problem may arise when the headline uses a wordplay for accuracy that doesn’t work in the target language. Humour is often used in marketing materials, but jokes are also difficult to translate.

Therefore, copywriting experience offers many advantages in marketing translation and this should be taken into account when choosing a specialist.

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Copywriting as a key component of marketing translation
Copywriting as a key component of marketing translation