Certified Translation: What Is It and When Do You Need It? - Ordentop

It is becoming more and more common for people to use online resources to translate documents or even legal documents. Many reputable translation agencies (such as ours) are reputable and provide certified translation services.

Certified Translation

A certified translation is often used in various cases. Basically, a certified translation proves that the translation is a true, exact copy of the original document. A certificate of translation can be used to prove that the translated document is a certified copy of the original.

Legal agreements and contracts with overseas suppliers, investors and other stakeholders are one area where the certified translation is essential. Building strong cross-border and cross-language working relationships takes time and skill.


Certified translation ensures that the attention to detail that has been given to establishing these relationships also extends to the written documents used to secure the relationship. This avoids misunderstandings and complications on all sides of the transaction.

Human resources departments can also use certified translation in several ways. Contracts between a company and its employees are legal documents. Therefore, it is very important that when these documents are translated into other languages, they accurately reflect the original.

The production process can also benefit from a certified translation. Instructions for use and packaging issued in several languages should directly reflect the content of the original. This is particularly important when such documents contain information on product safety.


Companies seeking peace of mind in the manufacturing process are advised to use a certified translation to ensure that their goods are dispatched with the correct information, regardless of the country to which they are being shipped.

Business translation can take many forms, and the list is far from being exhaustive. As a general rule, if a document is important or may have legal implications in its original language, it is better to obtain a certificate of translation into other languages.