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Creating a global-friendly website is important for a business that works with multicultural audiences. A global website easily attracts the attention of different users.🌎

Here are the best ways to develop a global web design:

1️⃣Try to avoid hard localization options

Many sites use the default domain and language of the site based on dynamic GeoIP tracking. However, some websites allow all users to access their sites designed for any country and do not have a hard local setting. So whatever country you’re browsing from, you’re not limited to your current physical location.

2️⃣Don’t use a lot of text in images

Remember that Google can’t translate text into images for foreign buyers. If you use too much text in images, you may lose some of your potential buyers who don’t understand the foreign language.

3️⃣Localize the entire checkout process

Along with other important factors, providing the convenience of international shopping through your cart leads to increased online sales. If you provide international shipping options, then:

First, inform the buyer in advance if the item is available for delivery to their local address.

Secondly, give the user the ability to check shipping costs and taxes before the checkout process to avoid dropped shopping carts.

Thirdly, try to provide multiple payment options. People from different regions are comfortable with different payment methods.

4️⃣Optimizing and translating content for multiple languages

A content redesign is a foundation of creating an internationally appealing website because it’s not just about translating, but about rebuilding the same meaning, intent, and context. Entrust this work to professionals. Luckily, Ordentop will help you with this task.

Thus, if your business operates internationally, and you want to attract international sales, hire an expert company to help you create a global website. We at OrdenTop Book Translation Agency will help translate it.

7 tips for global friendly website
7 tips for a global friendly website