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Technical books are the most important written heritage of mankind. They describe the technology, the principles of the equipment, the whole industry. If a breakthrough occurs in a certain area, its results are actively studied by experts from all countries. This is vital in the period of competition, the development of new industries, the introduction of modern products, from electronics to bioengineering and aerospace. Therefore, the translation of technical books is popular and in demand in the OrdenTop.

The technical translation should provide a high-quality exchange of scientific and technical information. Consequently, this is a specific work, where we place high demands on the performers, in addition to perfect proficiency in languages:

● availability of technical education;

● expertise in the subject, knowledge of terminology;

● accuracy and thoroughness in details;

● possession of formal logistic style of presentation.

We do everything to make each translation as accurate as possible. And be sure to attract professional editors with experience in the subject to check the results. Therefore, there are no unsuccessful projects in the OrdenTop!

Can the humanities cope with the translation?

The answer is unequivocal. It’s no. In the technical book, free interpretations are not allowed. If we are talking about construction, then the reader is not interested in the peculiarities of the landscape outside the window. A clear description of the technologies, materials, installation procedure, basic calculations is required – only essential information with calculations, tables and formulas.

It is not enough to know the language, technical books require complete immersion in the scientific and technical environment and knowledge in highly specialized issues. Here the smallest details are important and inadmissible “free” translation. Therefore, ordinary linguists are not suitable for technical translations – and we do not attract them. Our translated books are as accurate and concise as possible; they are extremely clear and simple to understand by a specialist.

Topics of technical books

These books reflect the entire material culture of humanity in terms of technology and production methods. Therefore, the subjects of translations include dozens of directions. Over 3000 books have already been translated by the OrdenTop, many of them are technical. They include a number of topics such as:

● industrial branches (chemical, mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, metallurgy, etc.);

● telecommunications;

● electrical engineering and energy;

● shipbuilding and railway engineering etc.

The full list of topics is on the page below. And for each of them, there are translators of the “expert” level, who are native speakers of the translation language. Our main task is to convey to the reader absolutely all the information from the original source in a language understandable to him, and we cope with this 100%.

How do we do it?

It makes no sense to fully disclose the behind the scenes of the work because the result is important for the customer, not our labour costs. Here are some mandatory requirements that we clearly adhere to:

● mastery of translators, proofreaders and editors of a language pair (original and language of translation);

● accurate translation of terms, abbreviations, specialized phrases and definitions;

● absolute compliance with the original translated tables, graphs, drawings, diagrams and formulas;

● preservation of the author’s formatting and layout. To ensure that our customers are convinced of the quality and professionalism of the translation, we are ready to perform a test translation.

To ensure that our customers are convinced of the quality and professionalism of the translation, we are ready to perform a test translation.

Why do people order translations of technical books from us?

We are doing work on translations into a record number of languages (150+). We take on the most complex technical books that others refuse. We love our work and we do the best translations. As a result, you will receive:

● high-quality translation, which the expert has worked on;

● scrupulous editing and proofreading;

● saving paging formatting.

Do you want to translate your book to share a new development or discovery with the world? Do you want to introduce modern technology in your production? Do you train employees or do your own learning?

Contact us! Our translations are flawless in every detail!

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