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Translation of scientific books is the engine of progress

The translation of scientific books allows scientists from all over the world to get the latest and useful information for work, as well as to share their achievements with the scientific world. After all, scientific books are not just literature. This is a window into the world of exciting discoveries, new knowledge, and achievements of mankind. Scientific books bring together the best scientists from different countries, encourage progress and unprecedented accomplishments in various spheres of human life. For the high-quality translation of such literature, it is important that not only professional translators, but scholars who are speakers of a certain language, are engaged in this.

New Neanderthal life: the subtleties of scientific translation

Modern science knows a lot of funny cases when the content of a whole text changed dramatically from the incorrect translation of several words. So, an interview with American professor George Church for Spiegel magazine was a real sensation: it said that doctors were ready to introduce Neanderthal stem cells into a human embryo, and then plant him into a surrogate mother. Thus, fertility specialists were going to recreate a real person from the past who lived many thousands of years ago. In the future, the news turned out to be an oversight of journalists, who incorrectly translated the scientific terms that appeared in the interview. In fact, it was only about possible genetic experiments of the future.

If the translation was prepared by experts, such a mistake would not have occurred. It was made in a small journal article, but in textbooks and scientific books such situations are much more common, causing much more damage. Therefore, it is important to speak with the scientific literature to linguists who are fluent in this field.

The translation of scientific books requires not only a thorough knowledge of the language but also a deep understanding of the subject. Only a real connoisseur, using specific terminology, can tell about various areas of science in a foreign language.

And what can we say about the most complicated terms that are found in the books of professors of medicine? The responsibility of the translator of medical literature is to know that the triceps differ from the brachiocephalic and to choose its correct definition in a foreign language. So, work with scientific books is more often trusted to specialized companies in case to exclude the possibility of linguistic discomfort for readers.

Top 10 scientific books of the last decade

These books are about the most diverse areas of human knowledge and are intended for a wide range of readers. Thanks to the work of qualified translators, now books can be appreciated in almost every corner of the world:

● “A Brief History of Time” by Stephen Hawking. The book tells about the appearance of the universe and is read in one breath;

● “Grand Atlas of Anatomy” by Johannes V. Royen. The atlas is illustrated with luxurious schemes and unique photographs that will produce an impact on readers;

● “A Short History of Nearly Everything” by Bill Bryson. This book tells about the development of the Earth in simple language – from the Big Bang Theory to the latest scientific achievements;

● “Hyperspace”, Michio Kaku. All physical phenomena united under one cover;

● “Microcosm: E. coli and the New Science of Life”, Karl Zimmer. Many well-known achievements of biology are associated with an inconspicuous microorganism – E. coli bacillus. In its example, the author reveals billions of years of evolution to astounded readers;

● “Earth: A Visual Guide” by Michael Allabi. An indispensable desktop reference book in which you can find detailed diagrams, fascinating presentations of complex concepts, magnificent maps and colorful photos;

● “The Story of Earth: The First 4.5 Billion Years, from Stardust to Living Planet” by Robert Hazen. With this book you can travel through billions of years, up to the formation of the solar system;

● “The evolution of man. In 2 books”, Alexander Markov. The history of the achievements of anthropology, which will be interesting to a wide circle of readers;

● “The Selfish gene” by Richard Dawkins. Genetic-centric view of evolution, described in clear and simple language;

● “Pseudoscience and paranormal phenomena. Critical view. “, Jonathan Smith. You can easily learn to distinguish the incredible truth from a convincing deception with this book.

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Translation of scientific literature with the agency “OrdenTop”

The translation of scientific books is an exciting process that only professionals can do. Our experienced experts will overcome complex terms, specific speech turns and subtleties of the language!

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