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Religious books are an inexhaustible source of knowledge about religions, their origins, formation and development. Ancient writings came to us not only because of their storage by communities and churches but also because of translations — thorough, scrupulous, made by true masters of the sacred word.

The value of books on religious subjects always consists in the ability to answer the pressing questions of the Faith, to acquaint with God, to teach or to bring closer to Humility, Forbearance and Love, to find the Truth. And only the translation of the book, made by knowledgeable people, is able to convey the whole essence, and not distort it.

Translators of all denominations of the world

Our book translation agency is a team of experts in religious studies, clergy, spiritual practitioners and really the world’s best translators of religious writings. We guarantee heart-felt translations, in-depth study of each sentence and accurate transmission of God’s message.

Thanks to high-quality translations, anyone can learn more about the Spiritual world in their own language!

– The Quran has corresponded many times and today there are at least 7 versions of the reading of the Quran, and a huge number of versions of the translation of each one.

– You can read the writings of Neapolitan Thomas Aquinas, a monk, and theologian who is very respected in the religious world, thanks to high-quality adapted translations, including thanks to our agency.

  The Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead is considered to be one of the most dilapidated books on religious subjects. Its copies and rewritten parchments are scattered around in the world-historical museums. It is noteworthy that Egyptians had a whole pantheon of gods, but in the translation of the book were the quotations, where they appeal to one impersonal god without a name.

– If there were not experts of Sanskrit, the world would never have learned about the Vedas – the sacred writings of the Hindus, sent down to humanity by the gods through the holy sages. There are no Apocrypha in these scriptures, and mantras are given word for word.

We make the best translations of religious books! And there is no other such agency – and this is because we can make the text deep, interesting, convey the whole essence of the original, and we just love our work very much!

Why is it so important to entrust the translation of religious books to our experts?

Everyone probably has heard stories about why our ancestors have never managed to complete the building of the Tower of Babel. One of the stories tells that the people who had been building it suddenly began to speak with each other in different languages, and they simply could not agree on how to build further. In the same way, in translations, if you give preference to someone who does not fully understand the subject and has insufficient vocabulary, you risk getting a poor-quality translation or unfinished work at all.

We do only high-quality translations – after all, more than 70% of the world’s best translators and book editors work in our team. Our experts make a study of the book, learn its essence, take on years of experience, a subtle sense of literary melody, a feature of the genre, and a huge vocabulary. All these important nuances help to make a rich and accurate translation into the desired language.

The religious book is the way to the Spiritual World, which was created long before us, the World, where you can learn about Love, about Faith, about the origin of Spirituality as such. The world that gives wisdom.

Seek the Truth and help others find it with the OrdenTop!

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