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In business books, entrepreneurs and authors share the secrets of success, talk about their experiences and necessary skills, teach survival marketing strategy and competitive practices. Every year, entrepreneurship is developing all over the world, hundreds of new companies and start-ups appear every day, and business books are getting increasingly popular.

How to develop entrepreneurial skills?

How to get a business education at the level of the MBA?

How to make the best product?

How to manage the company effectively?

How to develop a win-win development strategy?

How to invest and increase capital?

The answers to all these and many other questions you will find on the pages of the business books! It is no accident that the best translations on business topics are included in the top world bestsellers:

  • My Life & Work by Henry Ford became a universal manual on building a business.
  • Startup by Kawasaki became a resource book for those who make an idea a successful implementation.
  • Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill contains rules for success followed by millions of entrepreneurs.

The list of best authors includes not only Dale Carnegie and Henry Ford, but also a lot of our contemporaries such as Donald Trump and his book Never Give Up or Bill Gates with his Business at the Speed of Thought, etc.

In almost every country there are successful companies, talented business coaches and authors of business books. Our team includes experts in business books and native translators in over 150 languages. We do the best business book translations!

Ideas, rules and cases – all of these are in our translations

Business books illustrate how to make a product with an idea, how to increase its sales, and how to develop the company. They teach us about managing people, optimizing business processes, fresh thinking, consistency, delegation, good organization, etc.

Only our translators are able to convey the content of a book as simply and clearly as possible, to adapt the source language to the reading language. Step-by-step instructions, precise rules, development trends and practical examples are extremely important for building a successful business, and you will get them for sure.

There are lots of business literature trends. Among them, there are management and leadership, business skills and finance, logistics, management secrets and business processes. Most of all the readers are inspired by real success stories with examples. And here the accuracy of the translation is crucial.

Most entrepreneurs, infopreneurs and authors of books find effective cases and draw ideas from the authors of other countries. But in some publications, these ideas are distorted due to the imperfection of the translation and the wrong interpretations of the primary sources. We have eliminated such things.

Some secrets of translation

Business books are non-fiction literature. But the text of each book should be adapted for readers of each country as much as possible. Therefore, we necessarily involve in the work of native speakers who make perfect translations.

And most importantly, business is an exciting activity where there is a place for intrigue and betrayal, tough competition and much more. Therefore, we are making a point of ensuring that translations of business books are no less interesting than the originals.

Why we are trusted to translate business books

OrdenTop has its own experts for each topic of business literature. When maintaining the style and syllable of statement, they strive for the accurate translation of information from / to 150+ languages. We have eliminated inconsistencies and submission of incorrect information. The books are meticulously read by editors, the data and facts are verified, thereby achieving a perfect result. We love our job, so we are trusted to translate books by:

  • business book publishing companies;
  • successful entrepreneurs;
  • companies of all areas of business;
  • business writers;
  • business coaches and many others.

Learn about the successful practices of other companies and tell the whole world about your success with the help of translation of business books done by the OrdenTop experts!

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