The book about the history of Ferrari costs more than common car  - Ordentop

30 thousand dollars is unlikely to buy a new Ferrari, but the money is enough to buy a book about the history of the iconic brand, a limited edition.

Before considering price, you should know that it includes a beautiful stand of chrome and steel and aluminium case, in which lies this incredibly rare book. Together, these two works of art, created by designer Marc Newson, a mimic of the legendary 12-cylinder engine Ferrari.

Simply called “Ferrari” — the book is a massive volume, which includes many photos from the company archive, tells the story of a luxury Italian brand.

All 514 pages of the book are hand-sewn and the cover is made in a minimalist sporting style with the iconic horse logo on a red background. 1947 all copies signed by Piero Ferrariю, Vice-Chairman of the Italian automaker and the only living son of the brand’s founder Enzo Ferrari.