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Medical translation is one of the most specific and therefore one of the most complex translations.

Medical translation is a popular area of interest due to the development of the pharmaceutical industry, the emergence of new equipment and achievements in medical science.

However, medical translation of texts has its own specific characteristics. While translating medical documents, you will face with a large number of highly specialized terms, abbreviations and acronyms, sometimes with Latin phrases. When translating handwritten sources, another difficulty arises – the illegible handwriting of physicians.

These characteristics should always be taken into consideration when choosing a translator since inaccurate translation can have serious medical and legal consequences.
OrdenTop Book Translation Agency has extensive experience with medical documents in this field of service provision.

Our latest project: medical patent translation
📝over 35,000 words were translated
🈯️from French to English
📅1 month

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Medical Patent Translation
Medical Patent Translation