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How to translate a book from Spanish and make it a bestseller

Spanish is the second most common language of the world, overtaking even English. The first Spanish text dates back to the 12th century, since then hundreds of thousands of Spanish books have spread throughout the world. It was from Spain that the concepts siesta and bullfight, the phrases “blue blood” and “hot Spanish blood”, as well as hundreds of books included in the Golden Fund of World Literature came to us. Tens of thousands of editions are annually translated from Spanish and a lot more into Spanish from other languages. And the best of them have secrets that we revealed.

The secrets of professional translations

It is not enough to be proficient in a language; this should be good for everyday communication or short texts. It is important to know all the nuances, to replace idioms confidently, to distinguish Castilian dialect from Cuban or Mexican (there are more than 40 of them). Who is better than the Spaniard to translate a multipage book, especially a fiction one? Only Spaniard!

OrdenTop employs only native speakers who do the best translations from Spanish into more than 20 languages of the world and vice versa:

  • we have mastered more than 400 topics, and for each, there are the experts who can be plunged into it and convey all the nuances as accurately as possible;
  • we know exactly how effectively to manage a book translation project;
  • we are the perfectionists in translating books and guarantee the best result.

As for the special, technical, or business literature, the requirements for translators are even stricter. Perfect language skills are not enough. It is important not only to be proficient in Spanish and the target language. Many translators distort the meaning of texts, incorrectly use definitions replacing them with “gag”, the break of the writing style. We eliminated such things. OrdenTop employs only experts who adept terminology and knowledge, have experience and appropriate style. 

We work properly, so our books are always among the best. Translation from and into Spanish is one of the priorities of OrdenTop.

Several reasons to order a Spanish translation of a book

Do you want to tell the world about your discoveries or to present a new novel? Spaniards are active readers. All the more reason not to deprive the speakers of other languages of the remarkable heritage of Spanish authors:

  • the most popular books are translated into Spanish, hundreds of Spanish authors are popular in the world;
  • Spanish is a mother tongue for 500 million people who are your potential readers;
  • hundreds of thousands of famous books are written in Spanish, starting from Lope de Vega who wrote The Dog in the Manger and Cervantes with his Don Quixote and ending with Baltasar Gracian and famous scientists and researchers;
  • the books in Spanish are an excellent manual for learning other Romance languages, so they are bought with pleasure;
  • the popularity of Spanish on the Web from 2008 to 2018 increased by 800% – and that is also your readership.

Why translations are ordered in our company

Depth of experience (more than 3 thousand books have already been translated), the professional team of the world’s best specialists and love for their job have become a guarantee of the quality of the result. Only our company can:

  • make the most time-consuming, complex and lengthy translations;
  • undertake a highly specialized topic and successfully deal with it;
  • convey the writing style and literary idiolect scrupulously;
  • ensure the absolute accuracy in conveying facts, figures, definitions and names;
  • preserve the identity of tables, formulas, schemes and formatting in translation.

We love our work, so we try to make the translation of any book perfect. We are trying our best to make the books of our employers the bestsellers not only in the original but also in the translated version into any language. You will definitely be proud of the result!

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