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“Great and mighty” translation of books

The Russian language developed under the influence of Pushkin, Akhmatova, Mandelstam and other authors. They turned the seemingly ordinary European language into a “great and mighty one”. And it was they who made the translation of books from the Russian almost an impossible task.

Difficult Russian language

Russian has a number of specific structures and features like any language. One of them is the presence of numerous multi-syllable long words. For example, listed in the Guinness Book of Records and the almost unpronounceable world is “beyond the eyes of the contemplating.” Such words and constructions cause difficulties for many linguists. But our team of the best translators from Russian and to Russian perfectly copes with any difficulties!

Here’s what else you need to consider when translating books:

● another cultural basis and system of images (idioms, idioms, proverbs and well-established turnovers completely literally lose their meaning);

● the abundance of verbal nouns in Russian texts;

● the need to take into account the word order (in some languages ​​the word order is fixed, in others – vice versa);

● a lot of words of foreign origin (at one time Pushkin was very proud of using only one “overseas” word in the Tale of Tsar Saltan – fleet);

● use of Sovietism, abbreviations, various terms;

● polysemy of words (the incorrectly chosen meaning of a word can affect the character of the material being translated);

● the presence in the books invented by the author or especially distorted words (most often this is found in the works of N.S. Leskov and L.N. Tolstoy);

● lack of exact correspondence to some words and terms in the Russian language.

The literal translation of the text is impossible in such a situation. In order to convey the meaning of the book as accurately as possible, the linguist has to select the most appropriate meaning. It is often necessary to adapt the author’s text to the structure of a target language.

The team of the best Russian-language translators of books

Over 3000 books for authors, publishing houses, educational institutions and other customers have been translated under the guidance of the managers of the OrdenTop. This work differs markedly from the Russian translation of articles and various short texts. It requires a profound knowledge of the language and immense attention from the linguist. While working on each new book, the translator has to:

● consult industry experts;

● take into account the genre and stylistic features of the source material;

● observe the uniform style and appearance of the book (graphics, formulas, drawings);

● be attentive to the translation of terms (use industry-accepted terminology);

● use idioms, phraseological units, well-established expressions correctly(in this case it is important not to translate each word literally, but to choose the most suitable analog);

● convey the thoughts of the author as accurately as possible (no additions “from yourself”)

In addition, when working on a Russian translation of a book, a linguist should avoid absenteeism. A few missing words can change the overall meaning and adversely affect the finished text.

Thanks to the vast experience and knowledge, the specialists of the “OrdenTop” can completely avoid mistakes and “blunders” when translating a book. The finished material is checked by native speakers and experts who help to quickly eliminate all the shortcomings. Work on each new book is under the control of experienced editors and managers. It guarantees literacy and quality of the translation, as well as compliance with the stipulated deadlines.

We know sense about translating books.

For the OrdenTop team translating books is not a job, but a real hobby. For each new project, we undertake with maximum interest and attention, competently adapting the author’s text to a new language. Thanks to this approach, our experts have translated more than 3000 books of different genres.

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