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German is among the ten most common languages ​​in the world. The language of Einstein and Beethoven, Schiller and Goethe – today it is spoken by more than one hundred fifty million people in different countries.

According to the UNDP data on education, science and culture, German is the absolute record holder in the number of translations of the educational, documentary, fiction, and other types of literature. More than 350 thousand books have been translated into it – this is almost twice more than in English. If you need to translate a book from German or into German, a team of the best translators and editors of the OrdenTop books will come to the rescue!

Food for the dragon and white mice: the main features of the German language

The German language has many amusing nuances that only its native speaker, the linguist, can understand. For example, here are some interesting facts:

● German is the absolute champion in the number of letters used in words. One of the longest words contains 79 letters;

● To designate a gift that the guilty husband presents to his wife as an apology, the Germans came up with a special word – “Dragenfutter”. And everything would be fine, but literally, it means “food for the dragon”;

● Some words in German contain eight consonant letters in a row;

● “To see white mice” in Germany means “to get drunk as fast as possible”;

● There are so many dialects in German that scholars cannot even calculate them completely: the majority of linguists are inclined to the cautious wording “more than 30”. Moreover, each dialect differs from each other not only at the phonetic level, but also lexically, and even grammatically. It comes to the fact that the inhabitants of the North and the South of Germany sometimes hardly understand each other;

● English and German have many identical words. But such similarity is very deceptive: for example, the English word “gift” (gift) in Germany has the opposite meaning – “poison”;

● if we translate the German word “headlights” (Scheinwerfer) into Russian, we will get the phrase “light throwers”;

● the phrase “This is not your beer”! (Das ist nicht dein Bier!) For a resident of Germany means asking not to go into their own business.

And this is an extremely insignificant part of linguistic incidents that can occur when translating a book from German or into German. To ensure that the result is 100 percent consistent with the original, please contact only the professionals.

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The German language publishes 10% of books worldwide. You can translate one of them in more than 20 languages, or order the translation of any work in German. Here you get the following benefits:

1) perfect accuracy in translating names, scientific terms, names, formulas;

2) experienced translators – only professional linguists and speakers language;

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