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What is so special about you, French?

French is one of the most passionate, melodic, living, recognizable and beautiful languages in the world. Countless magnificent literary works are written on it. In addition, this language is recognized as an official in 29 countries!

Not only love literature is available in French. The Little Prince written by the French author perhaps is one of the most popular books about humanity. The French Medical Encyclopedia comprised 1,200 pages is equally well known. Finally, who hasn’t read out the novels of Alexandre Dumas, the author of the world’s most famous adventure stories.

But still, French romance novels are the icing on the cake of French literature. A series of 13 books about the adventures of Untamable Angelique written by Anne and Serge Golon got a resounding success around the world. Both women and men believed in insane love. This novel was read out and worshiped.

In the 17th century, Cardinal Richelieu founded the Academy of the French Language which defines its national literary norms and rules to this day.

The great French such as Denis Diderot, Voltaire, Rousseau and Montesquieu worked in their native language. Scientific treatises, poems, plays, and even the world’s first Encyclopedia created by these authors are written in almost French etalon.

The French language in numbers

French is spoken by about 250 million people, 75 million of whom consider it their mother tongue. This language ranks 14th in the world prevalence rating.

Just over 20% of all world literature issued in a year is printed in French, and in the USA about 30% of all published books are translated from French.

Although the language isn’t in the TOP-10 most widespread languages, it ranks high on the world’s literary arena.

World popularity of French books

Books published in French appear in all tops (the TOP-200 best books according to BBC, the TOP-100 best books in the world) and in lists of the best literary works in the history of the script.

TOP-5 interesting facts about the French language

  1. The variant of the language spoken in Quebec is so different from literary French that the people of France seldom understand it.
  2. The longest sentence in French contained 823 words was found in Victor Hugo’s novel Les Misérables. 
  3. From the standpoint of learning French, Georges Perec’s novel La disparition is considered the most interesting book. Its peculiarity is that none of the words contains the letter E, although it is the most used letter in French. In the translations of this book into other languages, the letter E was also not used.
  4. The well-known Russian set expression “grey cardinal” came from French, but actually it is an inaccurate translation of the phrase “graying cardinal” / “gray-haired cardinal”. Éminence grise literally means “graying eminence”. There are incidents that may result from inaccurate translation.
  5. The Old French language so much boasted of by the French actually is the classic French language of its coming of age with Dutch and even Celtic words and a bit of unusual phonetics for today.

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