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Books into/from English: secrets of immaculate translation

Books into/from English: secrets of immaculate translation

English is an international communication language for more than 1,5 billion people. It is an official language of 54 countries and a native one for more than 400 million people. Multiple publicistic, scientific and other books are written in English. Lots of foreign books are annually translated into English. However, a good translation has its secrets.

Specific details of professional book translations

How to convey the specific nature of the British cockney accent or that of Birmingham, or of Australia, Canada, Ireland? Only a native speaker versed in those accents can do well. Traditional translation cannot convey the author’s style, sense of humor or accuracy of thoughts and ideas. Sometimes even the very essence of the translation is in question.

Many books are industry-specific and have the terminology, which can be either made ambiguous or distorted during translation. Still, technical and scientific books do not tolerate any ambiguities. Most translators are not able to convey the specific details of the language, substance, or culture, while it is critically important for a truly good translation. 

Some interesting facts

There are ancient Hindu writings, the first typographers worked with Latin, but today English is among the top languages used to write books. Below are some facts about the English language, which are definitely new to you:

  • Most English-speaking people live not in Great Britain or the USA, but in India.
  • The unprecedented number of meanings belongs to the English word “set” (128 for verbs, 58 for nouns, 10 for adjectives). So, how to select the correct translation?
  • English has 8 geographical varieties, including British, Canadian, North-American and even New-Zealand. British English itself has as many as 28 dialects, also several dozens in the USA, India and other countries.
  • More than 1,000 words in English were created by William Shakespeare. Nowadays, according to Oxford University, the English vocabulary is replenished with a new word every 2 hours.
  • In English, the gender-neutral pronouns have appeared – “ze” and “hir” instead of the traditional “she/her” and “he/him” and are now getting more and more popular.

Expert translators should consider these and many other details while translating books.

OrdenTop is here to help out

OrdenTop translation service has no peers in the numbers of books translated, the world’s best translators involved and language pairs used. We have brought together qualified translators working with book translations only. What does this mean?

  • We know for certain how to ensure large-scale book translation project management and who to engage in order to warrant excellence.
  • We are responsible for the quality. Our clients do not get a word-for-word narrative, but rather receive standalone writing that perfectly conveys the source. We keep everything untouched, from style to figures, idioms and facts.
  • We guarantee the result. We are realistic about the deadlines – and comply with the timing agreed.

If you wish to get an immaculate translation from or to English from the record-breaking number of languages, you are welcome to contact us. We will offer you the best translators from/to 150+ world’s popular languages. Your orders will be treated by native speakers. They master specific dialects and can excellently convey the most particular details of your book.

Why we are the best choice for your book translations

OrdenTop is successfully growing and expanding. Today, we have already more than 3,000 translated books in our portfolio. Below are some facts and figures:

  • Over 70% world’s best experts in book translation and proofreading work at OrdenTop.
  • We are 100% accurate in citations, complex structures, formulas and numbers, proper and geographical names.
  • Any drawings, images, charts and diagrams are sure to be conveyed with accuracy and page-by-page source formatting.

For every book, we engage only native speakers each fluent in the second language. Also, all book translations are reviewed by specific area professionals. On top of that, each resulting translation is thoroughly double-checked by proofreaders for genuine facts, style compliance, idioms, and many others.

We love our job, and we put our hearts into what we do – you will always see it from the translations we deliver!

Want your book to keep relevant for decades? Contact OrdenTop!

Who are our major clients

Over 400 topics, from fiction to industry-specific issues, help us target a wider public:

  • book publishers;
  • writers;
  • educational and scientific institutions;
  • business couches and online entrepreneurs;
  • religious and non-profit organizations;
  • IT businesses and complex startups;
  • libraries, film companies and others

Millions of readers have already proved the quality of our book translations. And it may be good that the best-translated books you have already read are the job of our translators!

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