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The number of Chinese language native speakers is approaching one and a half billion, this is a quarter of the world’s population. Millions of books are written in Chinese, many masterpieces of world culture, history and philosophy created in The Heavenly Empire thousands of years ago. These include “Three Kingdoms”, “Art of War”, “The Unofficial History of Confucianism”, “Journey to the West”, many entered the world heritage of classic literature.

A great number of Chinese authors are interesting to readers from other countries. So, “The Dream in the Red Terem” by Cao Xueqin is in the top best-selling books in the world. China is a reading nation, people are not limited to its own authors, they buy translated publications with pleasure. Harry Potter and Sherlock Holmes, Dan Brown and Oxford teacher Peter Frankopan are popular there.

The residents of the Middle Kingdom don’t economize on the books, spending about 150 billion yuan annually. The main thing is the quality of translations, which only a few can provide, but the translation agency OrderTop will help out here.

Why is the translation from Chinese extremely complicated?

There is an expression “Chinese literacy” in Russian, and this is not by chance. The citizens of the Middle Kingdom are proud of the complexity of their language, which is perfectly difficult to master. It may take several hours to simply read the page of Confucius or Lou Xin in the original. To translate correctly – a few days or the whole life.

A well-known Chinese researcher David Moser from the University of Michigan (USA) talks about the game of his teacher with colleagues. They took books in Chinese from the shelves randomly and the one who at least understood what the book was about won! That is why professional translators are so valued.

The matter is neither in the number of hieroglyphs nor in the rules for their use, nor in the change of meanings due to the tonality or adjacent words. The point is not the complexity of deciphering hieroglyphs per se, the presence of dozens of dialects. The difficulty is that all of this comes at the same time.

And when translating, it should be distinguished between philosophical parables and a modern novel, fantasy stories from scientific treatises on martial arts. Not every translation agency has Chinese language experts. There are almost no experts in topics with parallel knowledge of languages. To check and professionally edit a book from Chinese or translate into Chinese can only OrderTop.

The main difference of our book translations is the maximum identity of the source code in style and genre, ease of presentation. During translating scientific, technical or philosophical books – clarity and conciseness, the correct interpretation of terms. We hire only native speakers and only experts on the subject of the book!

Some facts about Chinese

The most comprehensive Chinese dictionary includes 85.5 thousand characters. It is believed that their number reaches 100 thousand. In parallel with a more modern horizontal letter, a vertical letter is distributed in China, where hieroglyphs are read from right to left and from top to bottom along with columns. And these are not all interesting facts about the language:

  • Each hieroglyph is read as one syllable, but it can represent both a word and a whole sentence.
  • Some global brands have to change their names because they can mean something silly in China. If you say “Coca-Cola” in Chinese, it literally means “bite the wax tadpole”;
  • Tens of thousands of keys would be needed to create a Chinese keyboard. Therefore, on computers, they use pinyin when the word is written in  Latin, and then the desired character is selected from the drop-down list.
  • Chinese grammar is one of the simplest in the world. There are no punctuation, cases, childbirth and declensions, phrases are built the same way. True, one will have to learn 100 thousand hieroglyphs …

Features of professional translation

The best translators from Chinese and into Chinese work in the company OrderTop. And they are really professionals in their field. It is considered that for a general understanding of the texts (80% of the meaning) it is enough to know the 500 most used hieroglyphs. But such translation will be scarce and very inaccurate, and therefore uninteresting.

In order to well understand written, you need to master about 2400 characters, but our translators know and are able to learn much more. That is why our customer receives the perfect translation of the book from Chinese or into Chinese. And besides all the nuances inherent in a particular author.

Our clients

Our specialists are not afraid of painstaking and difficult work, they carry it out on time. We work with 400  topics, so among the list of clients of our company:

  • book publisher offices;
  • companies of different fields (IT, commercial, research and production);
  • writers of various genres and subjects;
  • and many others.

Everyone knows the Chinese saying: “The way of a thousand less begins with the first step.” You have already taken this step when you met our book translation agency. And together we will successfully go all the way to translate your book from Chinese or into Chinese!

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