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Many international organizations have decided to make climate change a top priority of the next decade. It’s time to talk about how the translation industry can contribute to making our planet healthier. Translating climate change research and information can increase awareness about this global challenge and even bring new ideas to the table.

Translators can build a bridge between communities and engage more people around the world in solving climate change issues.

Language service providers are essential in disseminating relevant information about global warming and the effects of climate change on local populations. They have access to high-quality information from reliable sources and can make it available to people in their native languages.

It’s hard and challenging work, but it could change the way people engage and take action to counter climate change issues. NGOs and global organizations are taking significant steps to stop the phenomenon, but they need translators to share the news and increase awareness worldwide.

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A Translator's Role In The Climate Change Discourse
A Translator’s Role In The Climate Change Discourse