Wonderful libraries from all around the world - Ordentop

7 incredibly beautiful libraries, which make fall in love with even those who are indifferent to reading.


1. Library of Strahov Monastery in Prague, founded in XII century

The library of the monastery is a unique and valuable of the extant historic libraries — collection of more than 200 thousand different volumes.

2. Royal Portuguese Cabinet of Reading in Rio de Janeiro

The Library was founded in 1837 by a group of emigrants out of Portugal for promoting Portuguese culture in the capital of the Brazilian Empire. The library building because of its external and internal decoration is one of the city’s attractions and has repeatedly appeared in various movies.

3. The New York Public Library

It is one of the largest libraries in the world (and thus free) with a total Fund of more than 53 million items.

4. Sainte Genevieve library, Paris, Founded in the VI century

This library is recognized as one of the best architectural buildings, the fullness of the book collection, the beauty and originality of interior and significance in the history of France.


5. State Library Victoria, Melbourne

The Largest Library of Australia, located in the building, which occupies an entire block. Storage libraries hold over 1.5 million volumes of books and 16 thousand periodicals.

6. Hendrik Conscience Heritage Library in Antwerp

The Oldest library of this Belgian city was founded in 1481. The library is located in buildings of the XVII century the brotherhood of the Jesuits and collects all the publications of the history and literature of Flanders and Holland.

7. National Library of Austria, Vienna

This magnificent library is located in the Vienna Hofburg and originates from the medieval Imperial library.