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01 июня 2020

It's easy to overlook how important language is for health if you're on the English-speaking internet, where ""is this headache actually something to worry about?"" is only a quick Wikipedia article or WebMD search away. For over half of the world's ...

18 мая 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a decrease in demand for many services around the world, from public transport to travel and luxury items. But one sector that has seen a significant increase in demand is the global e-learning industry. With many ...

11 мая 2020

TikTok is taking the world by storm. It’s now within the league of the social media giants as a truly global platform.

TikTok’s content didn’t need any of that and perhaps the only translation the app needed was its user interface. But to make ...

16 июля 2019

30 thousand dollars is unlikely to buy a new Ferrari, but the money is enough to buy a book about the history of the iconic brand, a limited edition.

Before considering price, you should know that it includes a beautiful stand of chrome and steel ...

03 мая 2019

Каждый год в мире проводится несколько сотен книжных выставок. Мы расскажем о
самых интересных выставках в 2019 году.

Евразийская книжная ярмарка 2019 года проходит с 24 по 27 апреля в Астане, Казахстан.
Это крупнейшее культурно-образовательное ...