25 Love Story Ideas For Writers: Make Time to Write Today - Ordentop

Fiction Prompts

  1. Write about a character who has just met someone new and quickly falls in love. Their new partner has a lot in common with the main character. The only catch? The significant other is the main character’s imaginary friend from childhood.
  2. Write about a character who has just met someone new. For some reason, your friends, family, and even strangers seem set to tear you two apart.
  3. Write about a couple who recently broke up…only to meet again through a popular dating app where identities are kept hidden until the meeting.
  4. Your character begins to develop feelings for their enemy. How do they hide while their enemy still very much loathes them?
  5. Your character moves into a new house and discovers hundreds of notes hidden underneath the floorboards. The notes detail journal entries and your character pieces them together into a linear story but soon finds themselves falling in love with the writer.
  6. Write a story similar to The Truman Show, where everyone is glued to their TVs, waiting for two people to meet and fall in love.
  7. Write about two characters who fall in love. The catch? One is a renowned artist who’s dedicated to their craft. The other is an art critic by day and an art thief by night.
  8. Your character has known their best friend for years and even has a small crush on them.

When they finally share their feelings, their best friend becomes panicked and quickly explains they’re a time traveler and falling in love with them would be a very bad thing, based on what will happen in the future. In fact, your best friend has continuously gone back in time to avoid this very moment.

  1. What if emotions could be sold as drinks? After a recent and painful breakup, write about a character who buys a 12oz bottle of love.
  2. Alternately, what if love was illegal? Write about a character whose job is to smuggle and distribute emotions. Yet they refuse to use any, particularly love, on themselves. Why? And who makes them begin to rethink their decision?

Fiction Story Starters

  1. If I had known things would end up this way, I’d have never taken a walk that morning.
  2. She laughs, I melt, and we pretend that we’re perfect.
  3. “When I agreed to a date, I didn’t think we’d end up halfway across the country with $30,000 in the truck, but hey, I’m not exactly complaining.”
  4. These are the three things [character] thought when they met [character]…
  5. They were both happy without the other…at least that’s what they were trying to tell themselves.
  6. “If you have feelings for me, I encourage you to keep them to yourself.”
  7. All of my friends were busy that night. I was lonely and bored. Then suddenly, [character] was there.
  8. He fell in love with the universe. Quite literally. Needless to say, his coworkers at NASA felt a little uncomfortable whenever he brought up his date night plans.
  9. “Do you love me?” [character] asked. Their voice was unsure as they gazed up at the sky. “Even…after everything?”
  10. “If you could do it all over, meet [character] again, would you?” “No.”